Visakhapatnam Fishing Harbour

Arch on the way to fishing harbour

Visakhapatnam port is one of the major ports in India.  It is along the east coast between Chennai and Kolkata.  This port has three harbours, the outer harbour, the inner harbour and fishing harbour.

The fishing harbour opened in 1976 spreads over 26 hectares and operated by Visakhapatnam Port Trust.  There are many ice factories in the harbour and outside to cater to the needs of fishermen.  It has about 700 machined boats, 300 beach landing crafts and the annual turnover is 7,500 crores. (wikipedia)

Fishermen with their capture

One morning I visited the fishing harbour and had glimpse of the activity at the fishing harbour.

Fishermen on their boat, after fishing coming towards the shore
Before their journey into the sea they pray at the temple for their safety and prosperity
They carrytroughs filled with salt and ice on their boat to store fish as they catch them

A retail fish seller trying to buy some fish

Men carrying fish on carts to supply to nearest businessmen

Fish is stored with salt and ice in boxes for transport

Woman after segregating different type of fish and drying then in sun, open air

A woman carrying fish for the day

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