Abandoned boat at beach. Fishing area near RK beach

Visakhapatnam is the largest and most populous city of Andhra Pradesh in India.  It is ancient city mentioned in ancient Hindu texts of Panini and Katyayana of 6th century BC.  Different stories are in folklore about the how the city was named as Visakha.  Locals believe that Andhra King Visakha Varma built a temple to pay homage to the family deity Visakha.  The temple is now lies inundated in the sea.  Another story says that it is named after a female disciple of Buddha whose name is Visakha. 

Wall art at Rishikonda beach

Visakhapatnam was part of Kalinga kingdom conquered and ruled by King Ashoka.  King Ashoka, after the Kalinga war, embraced Buddhism.  Many excavations illustrate the legacy of Buddhism, and sites of Buddhist religious importance are located in Visakhapatnam.  This ancient city was under French rule in 18th century later occupied by British and was under its rule until India became independent in 1947. 

Fishing boats at fish harbor

Now the city is the most happening and one of the hundred fastest developing cities in the world.  This port city, once a fishing village, is now commercial hub with IT and Pharma industries and is the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh.  Visakhapatnam also known as Vizag in short is also called ‘City of Destiny.  It attracts tourists not only from the country, but also from around the world for its beautiful beaches. 

Indian Navy day, Naval show

Visakha, ‘Jewel of East Coast’, is the state head quarters of Indian Coast Guard.  Head quarters of Eastern Naval Command, Naval Science and Technological Laboratory, Naval Dockyard are located here.  The port city is one of the important fishing harbours in India.

Woman drying fish at fish dock yard

Visakhapatnam also has many Hindu religious sites like Simhachalam and Kanaka Mahalaxmi temple.

Naval show on Navy day

I visited this city in December 2018.  My main interest was to watch Navy Day celebrations that are held every year on December 4th.  I posted the pictures captured at that event.  (

Tourists clicking selfies and friends at Bhimli beach

I will post pictures of the city captured at different places including beach photos in a series.  Hope you will like it. 

Water lily at Kondakarla Ava

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