Pushkar Streets

People waiting to have breakfast

Pushkar is regularly visited more by domestic travelers than foreigners.  Foreigners visit more during Kartik Mela.  During the same period there is increase in domestic travelers too, as Kartik is auspicious month and dip in Pushkar lake at this time absolves all sins  The streets are full of people and many temporary shops spring up.

Locals and tourists use camel carts to travel in Pushkar

pushkarS 058

Keeping warm with fire
Attending a discourse in the morning in a temple.  As photograph was being taken everybody turned towards the photographer
Group of elders probably solving some issues?
Woman reading newspaper early in the morning
Getting ready for sale of sugarcane juice to the travelers
Guarding the shop
pushkarS 026
Tourists buying trinkets
pushkarS 024
Sanyasis too buy things for their beloved ones!
pushkarS 035
Long moustache competition one of the local competitions.  People from around the state and India participate.
pushkarS 034
On thw way to Brahma Temple
Brahma temple in Pushkar

pushkarS 231


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