Camel Fair



Camel fair held at Pushkar, Rajasthan, India is the world’s largest camel fair.  The camel trade has made Pushkar world famous.  Most foreign tourists visit Pushkar during the days of ‘mela’.  Many photographers from around the world visit this place to capture beautifully decorated camels and various cultural activities held during that period.  Here are few of my captures of camels.

Camels are brought to the water house to drink water
Feeding the camel
Have a good day.  You too dear!
pushkarS 081
Camels in the ground

pushkarS 006

Camels kept in the grounds for trade
Here people are used to photography.  They just don’t bother and carry on with their work.
Some pose for photographers just to please or pleased to see their photograph.  But some after posing will ask for money.  So if somebody volunteers to pose first one should ask whether they take money and proceed as the photographer decides whether to pay or not
pushkarS 090
Camel trade is generally carried by men.  Rarely we may see woman involved along with her husband
Folding and tying a leg of the camel to prevent it from running away







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