Sagar to ShriShailam

Hi friends. Its long time since I posted anything.  I was busy traveling for some time and later with a new member added to my family, my grandson.  I hope from now on I will be able to post regularly.

sagar2srisailam 040_01

Here are few pictures I have taken when I went to Shrishailam in a cruise.  Shrishailam is in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.  The village is devoted to God Shiva.


There is a Dam with the name of the village.  It is built on river Krishna. On the Krishna river in Nalgonda district of Telangana is Nagarjuna Sagar Dam.  Telangana tourism arranges boat cruise when the water level is appropriate for journey, from Nagarjuna Sagar to Shrisailam.  This will be usually in the month of September and October.

sagar2srisailam 051_01

The 110 Km journey is beautiful as it passes amidst hills and rocks and Nallamala forests.  If we are lucky we can see wild life during the course of journey.  The life of tribals seen along the banks will interesting.

sagar2srisailam 006_01
The journey starts by bus in Hyderabad.  People can as well join at Sagar. From Hyderabad to Sagar it is bus.  Sagar to Shrisailam is the Cruise and will be back from shrisailam via road route only

sagar2srisailam 030_01

sagar2srisailam 016_01
On the way we visited Shri Saibaba Temple.  Had break fast in restaurant beside the temple

sagar2srisailam 019_01


sagar2srisailam 035_01
A man fishing at Sagar reservoir
People on the cruise
Food is cooked on board.  One meal is provided.  Tea is provided once in the evening
Biscuits/snacks provided once and if we want any cool drinks we have to pay for it

Scenic views:

DSC_3145_00021_01DSC_3159_00026_01sagar2srisailam 055_01DSC_3185_00001_01

sagar2srisailam 076_02
A view of Shrisailam dam
sagar2srisailam 084_01
On the banks of Krishna at Shri shailam

sagar2srisailam 086_01

Rope way is special attraction at Shri Shailam.  Each car accommodates four persons.  It takes tourists from the hill top to Patala Ganga.
Boat ride in river Krishna at Shri Shailam takes us to near to the dam site and back.  Interested people having enough time 4-6 hrs can as well go to Akka Mahadevi caves and be back.  I just went upto the site of dam
Adventurous people can travel in the coracle

Scenic views along the way:

sagar2srisailam 105_01sagar2srisailam 104_01


Way back visit to Phaladhara and Panchadhara
sagar2srisailam 110_01
View from the bus on return journey

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