Winter Pics

DSC_6854_00008 (2)

This winter, in the months of Jan and Feb I happened to live in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  To see snow fall is first time in my life.  I did see snow in India, when I visited Shimla.  But I never saw snow fall.  Watching snowing was a fascinating experience.  Though I couldn’t go out, I captured few pictures looking out through the window.

DSC_6838_00001 (2)

DSC_7141_00012 (2)

DSC_6842_00003 (2)

DSC_6861_00010 (2)

DSC_7051_00007 (2)

DSC_7004_00002 (2)

DSC_6878_00011 (2)

DSC_6863_00012 (2)

DSC_6849_00007 (2)

To see icecles on the branches is first time.  I dared to go out and captured a few pictures

DSC_7175_00023 (2)

DSC_7150_00017 (2)

DSC_7153_00018 (2)

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