Cute Kittens

dsc_0941_00001 (2)
All the three kittens were nicely sleeping.  I wanted to capture them without disturbing

I have a niece who loves cats and keeps them as pet. Whenever she is at home these cats keep her company and follow her.  She pampers them a lot with chips and eggs.

Here are few pictures of the kittens that have come up at her home and she is bringing them with all love.


dsc_0943_00002 (2)
One woke up and simply watched me


dsc_0945_00003 (2)
Another got up and became alert
dsc_0952_00004 (2)
One ran away but the two watched me clicking them
dsc_0962_00001 (2)
As they were quite I wanted to take a close-up when they ran away


dsc_1165_00004 (2)
I don’t know for sure whether this is their parent or elder sibling, it attracted me for having two different color eyes

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