It is quite some time that I posted anything.  This year I will start posting in the blog by posting the pictures of Sun bird and its nest. Previously I never allowed any birds to build their nest in our balcony.  Once the bulbul tried more than once sunbirds tried.  In the early part of 2018, I allowed a sunbird couple to build its nest in our kitchen  balcony, as it will not be of much disturbance and also I was interested that new life should flourish in our home I  I first saw the bird bringing some plastic strands and tying around the string I put for drying clothes.   I recorded the pictures of early nest building to the first flight of the birds born in the nest.  Unfortunately because of some mistake in uploading the photos to my laptop I lost many pictures of the parent bird feeding the birdling and encouraging it to fly.  Here are few pictures that I have now.  I have posted the video of the flight in my YouTube channel.

Started with a single strand it completed building its nest within two days
While building it entered into its nest multiple times to check the interior and probably it also checked the soft cushion it could make.  (I felt the softness only after the bird vacated the nest)
Tiny grass twigs to cover the entry and beautify the nest
In a short time it laid eggs and hatched them




It disliked me watching it going in and out of the nest or feeding it tiny ones
When the parent was not there I captured the birdling
firstflight 017
Little bird out of its nest exploring ways to fly out with encouragement from parents


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