Village Scenes

DSC_0135_00017 (2)

As I travel by car from my place to other I capture scenes that I find interesting.  It is difficult to get images I want but some look alright. Sometimes if I have time I just stop and click few pictures.

090 (2)
A House in the village along the road side

December 2017 116 (2)

December 2017 028 (2)
People chitchatting in the outskirts of village along side the highway
December 2017 305 (3)
At the entry of a village.  This man is enjoying his chutta
December 2017 056
Sheep being taken for grazing in meadows
DSC_0147_00020 (3)
A shepherd in the field
December 2017 030 (2)
A man carrying fodder for his cattle
DSC_0140_00018 (2)
Woman working in the fields
DSC_0114_00014 (2)
A couple mixing fertilizer to add to the soil
Toddy trees.  These are very commonly seen in Telangana.
DSC_1540_00003 (2)
People enjoying toddy on the way
Toddy tapper going home after collecting toddy

061 (2)

December 2017 020 (2)





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