Tracks and Trains

Indian Railways 148
People waiting to cross the platform.  Sometimes it is easy to cross than take steps.

In the month of April and May this year I happened to travel by train a number of times.  As I was waiting for the train and while in train I have taken few photos.

Indian Railways 020
Waiting for a train, if tired and no place/bench to sit they sit/sleep on floor

Initially I was afraid to take photos with DSLR.  Somehow people will become alert when taking photos with DSLR.

Inside of a compartment I was in.  As photography has become my passion, I like to travel by non AC coaches

If it is a mobile or small digital camere they just ignore.  So I took more pictures with digital camera than with DSLR.


All these are candid captures as I was too shy and scared to ask people for permission. Though few noticed I simply walked away looking elsewhere.

Indian Railways 077 (2)

My shadow

DSC_0562_00006 (2)

Indian Railways 093 (2)
Indian trains are generally fully packed.  In festive seasons it is difficult to get a foothold on step of a coach
As the doors do not shut automatically people often climb into the coach while it is running.  Many times accidents happen.  But some take risk for pleasure some may be having urgent travel schedule
Indian Railways 127
Reading a newspaper early in the morning is habit to many literate people. At home or on travel they have to have newspaper.  Newspaper vendors hop in and sell the papers



Indian Railways 172 (2)


014 (2)
In the mornings or otherwise there are vendors on the platform who are ready to sell some hot and healthy snacks.
Special samosas which are sold in the railway stations and trains.  In my childhood they were big but in due course the size is decreasing.  Though they look big in this pic, you just put the whole thing in the mouth. It is sold hot, it’s crunchy and tasty
Indian Railways 129
Shops on the platform have brisk business during day time.

Indian Railways 079

Indian Railways 132
As the trains are sometimes delayed for hours together people sleep on the platform.  During festive season the platforms are so full it will be difficult to get place even to sit down


Indian Railways 100 (2)
A stray dog or a dog waiting for its master somewhere and expected to come by train
Now at many stations there are wall arts exhibiting local culture.  This part of beautification of railway stations




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