Boston Street Photography – 5

In photography, I read that some not so good color photos may be turn to monochrome/black and white to make them look okay.  Here are some photos which were not so good in color or which I thought look better in monochrome.

Color photo was okay, but I thought monochrome will look better. 
There weren’t any contrasting colors here, so turned to monochrome
This was overexposed picture.  So converted to monochrome
Here I like the black and white contrast in the dress of the statue and the person looking at it.  As street photos are generally in black and white so here it is
Lot of shadows.  I thought will look better this way
It was looking alright with that guy in color.  To show the label above I turned to monochrome
Father’s Love.  A trial at B&W
Mother’s love.  Trial  with B&W
The faces in the foreground are blur.  Make it look better monochrome was handy
Street photo, so monochrome

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