Jamaica Pond, Boston

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Jamaica Pond in Jamaica plain of Boston was established in 1891 and became part of ‘Emerald Necklace’ of Boston parkways in 1892.  The kettle pond formed of ancient glacier is largest fresh water body in Boston.

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One hundred and fifty years ago, wealthy Bostonians built summer houses and later ice industry developed, the source of ice is the pond.  In winter the pond would be a skating rink.  Once included in the Emerald Necklace, parkways of Boston, ice industries removed, the nature, vegetation around is protected and maintained.  Boat house and bandstand were added in 1912.


Now the pond is the favoured destination for individuals and families for community activities like concerts, fishing, rowing, sailing, walking, running, biking etc.



Every year in October ‘Lantern Parade’ takes place.  People dressed in Halloween costumes walk around with lanterns in hand creating ‘flickering half lights’.

A wedding photo shoot was going on.  I captured a few pics
Wish the couple a very happy married life

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