Revere Beach, Boston

Revere BeacheS 117_00004

Revere Beach is the first public in US.  Founded in 1895 it is open for public on July 12 1896.


A crescent shaped beach of 4.5 miles where more than 250,000 bathers can relax on hot summer afternoons.  It is called ‘peoples beach’ and mostly used by working class and many immigrants living in that area.


Revere BeacheS 079_00002
A family settling down to spend the day at the beach
In summer every body likes to be in water, swim or play

Revere BeacheS 040_01

Revere BeacheS 051_01


Maybe a parent, bringing the kid to enjoy play at the beach


Revere BeacheS 057_01
Parents with kids having happy time at the sea
Revere BeacheS 052_01
Relaxing and getting sun tanned
Lovely girl picking shells
Revere BeacheS 049_01
Happy couple, ?rubbing sunscreen lotion
Attractive personality.  Couldn’t capture the face as I was scared to go take photograph from in front and the person never looked up or sideways
Friends having a walk

It has many amusement attractions, The whip, Ferris Wheel, Blue beards palace, Fun house and many more.

Since 2004, every year in July Sand Sculpture Festival will take place.  During the festival an area of the beach is fenced off, creating a temporary gallery of sand sculpture for visitors.

In 2017, International Sand Sculpture festival was held from 21st to 23rd July.  Here are the pictures taken at that time.  As my camera settings were wrong I couldn’t get better pictures.  The pictures are mostly taken with my android phone.

Amateur artists have done some work here.  It reminds the movie Jaws
Another young artist want to create a mermaid here!


Taken with mobile.  Stylized by Google.  This sand sculpture of USS Constitutions was created by 15 artists who participated in the festival
20170722_202240 (1)
Mobile photography has made capturing memories easy

Artist from world over participate in the sand festival.  The International Sand Sculpture festival is organised by a Florida Based Company, Sanding Ovation.  Prizes will be gives for the best judged by judges and one to people’s choice.

Revere BeacheS 033_01

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