Arnold Arboretum, Boston

Flowers 031

Arnold Arboretum, Boston, was founded in 1872 for improving agriculture and horticulture.   In 1882 the trustees of will of James Arnold transferred 281 acres of Arnold’s estate in a deed for thousand years to Harvard University.  Arboretum forms part of Emerald Necklace, a 7 mile long network of park and parkways laid out for the Boston Parks Department between 1878 and 1896. The creative agreement between Boston and Harvard is to study and research of all trees/shrubs either indigenous or exotic which can be raised in the open air.

Flowers 035

Mission of Arboretum is to discover and disseminate knowledge of evolution and biology of woody plants, biodiversity, ecological balance and its importance to mankind.

The elderly woman was our tour guide.  She is in her seventies.  As she walked giving details of trees, we couldn’t catch her pace.

Arboretum grounds are open 365 days from sunrise to sunset.  Visitor’s centre and library buildings have specific timings depending on the week day, month and holidays.


Entry is free.  A free guided tour on specific days at specific timings will be available.

Flowers 056
A general view of Arboretum

Here are few colourful pictures of Arboretum taken in the last week of May 2017.

As it was summer many trees were in full bloom
Gorgeous and colorful flowers.

Flowers 057

Flowers 038

Flowers 044

Flowers 053

Flowers 049
Every year second Sunday of May is celebrated as ‘Lilac Sunday’.  That is the only day in the year picnicking is allowed.
This bright red flower is bigger than a palm size.

Flowers 065

Flowers 055

All the flowers are beautiful.  But I liked these flowers most for their heart shape and pink color
The beautiful flowers have contrasting sepals


A small pond in the Arboretum with reflections in water
Kids playing in the Arboretum
Family having leisurely weekend at the Arboretum

Arboretum is awesome in all seasons.  If you are visiting Boston in summer don’t miss visiting Arnold Arboretum.  With all the rare and wonderful trees and shrubs with their colorful leaves and beautiful flowers the visit will be ever memorable one.

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