Buddhist Prayer Flags


Hello friends.  Its more than a month I couldn’t post.  In 2017 our family had some problems.  I thought 2018 will bring good luck to our family. But ill luck struck.  It took some time to get to myself. Nature is great.  It sustains us in all conditions.  I wish everyone a healthy, happy and peaceful year ahead.

BhuTan 056

It is said prayers are communication with God.  I believe in prayers.  I believe in desperate conditions our sincere prayers helps us to survive hardships.  Prayer in any religion is same, praising Almighty and requesting blessings for our happiness.  In Buddhist nations, regions we see prayer flags at many places. Here I am posting those pictures today.


Prayer flags are seen at many places, particularly near temples, mountain passes, on top of hills and buildings, across bridges in Bhutan where Buddhism is the state religion.  I have also seen the flags in Ladakh where majority follow Buddhism.


The flags are in five different colors each significant of elements in nature.  Blue is symbolic of sky and space; white – air and wind, red for fire; green indicates water and yellow earth.  The flags square or rectangular in shape are arranged in the order of colors, blue, white, red green and yellow.


A row of flags are connected at the upper by a string and this is hung horizontally or vertically.  The strings of flags are seen on top of mountains, temples, stupas, mountain passes, and bridges. Prayers written on these flags when touched by wind will bring peace and blessings to all.  Prayer flags are meant to bring strength and wisdom and promote peace and compassion.


Prayer flags are revered and never put down.  When old ones are worn out new one tied along their side.  The old ones may sometimes be burned.  The prayer flags are said to be tied during auspicious period to bring good luck and blessings.


BhuTan 216DSC_0235_00004

The prayer flags in the mountains, Himalayas not only bring peace and blessing but will also add color to the serene environment and make it beautiful.



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