Imagine a Story

Here are few candid pictures taken at Punakha Dzong, Punakha, Bhutan.  I saw a monk sitting at the facade.   I was beside a tree and not clearly visible to him.  I waited for few minutes if anything interesting will happen that I can capture.  I saw a woman coming to him, they talked and each have gone their way.  We can imagine whatever we want about the relationship of the two, the conversation between them, their understanding or differences and final separation.

DSC_0815_00004 (3)

DSC_0816_00005 (3)

DSC_0818_00007 (2)

DSC_0819_00008 (2)

DSC_0821_00010 (2)

Below are few series of pictures taken in Ladakh, India.  Our drivers went to the shop to purchase something or just talk to him for some information.  I was in the car, watching out when this cute little girl came out.  I wanted to capture a beautiful picture of the little girl.  The series turned out like this.





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