Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

Sanjay Gandhi National Park has its entrance gate in Borvali, Mumbai.  This park covers an area of 104, surrounded by city on three sides.  It houses Kanhari caves which are 2400 years old, wild life sanctuary with variety of flora and fauna and also two lakes, Tulsi and Vihar.  Wild animals like lion and tiger are kept in fenced areas.  The safari ride will allow us to see few animals fenced.  I have seen deers left roaming freely in park without any fence.  They were deep inside avoiding humans.  Here are few pictures  taken in the park.Apicon - 17 187 (2)

Apicon - 17 178

Apicon - 17 184 (2)

Apicon - 17 171 (2)

Wild animals behind the fence

Apicon - 17 164 (2)Apicon - 17 165 (2)

CrowsApicon - 17 247


Apicon - 17 262

A woman selling fruitsApicon - 17 259


Apicon - 17 274



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