Rinpung Dzong – Bhutan

BhuTan 203
Scenic journey – A village seen on the way

The Himalayan ranges seen as we travelled from Punakha to Paro had less vegetation.  The mountains were scarcely covered with small trees and shrubs.

BhuTan 210
River and bridge across it. Generally prayer flags are seen across all bridges and turning on the roads
BhuTan 198
Terrace farming.  Farming in Bhutan is 100% organic

Though a river was seen flowing alongside for long distances, huge plants were seen infrequently.

BhuTan 218
May be, a village school, seen on the way

By 3.30 PM we reached Rinpung Dzong, a large dzong – is a Buddhist Monastery and fortress of Drukpa lineage in Paro.

Rinpung Dzong.  A strong fortress, protected from Tibetan invasion.  Watch tower on top of the hill is converted to National Museum

It houses District Monastic body and government administrative offices of Paro Dzongkhag.  Inside the Dzong are fourteen shrines and chapels that includes assembly hall for monks, apartments for the Abbot and King.

People walking on the cantilever bridge across Paro Chhu river at Rinpung Dzong, Drupka Kagyu Monastery.  The man is dressed in national dress ‘Gho’.





View of the city seen from inside the Monastery



After spending more than a hour roaming in here and taking few pictures we reached our hotel Sinchula Villa in Paro late in the evening.  We were asked to go to bed early and wake up by 4AM the next morning and start early trek to Tiger’s Nest monastery, the iconic monastery of Bhutan.

Paro chhu river

school girlsDSC_0013_00004


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