Dochula Pas – Bhutan


In the beautiful country of Bhutan where care is being taken to preserve nature and ecology any journey will be pleasant and scenic, so was our journey. We  reached Dochula pas, well laid road in the midst of Himalayas with the back drop of Royal Botanical gardens.


Rhododendrons, the main species and specific to Bhutan are in full bloom, and the red ones are particularly mesmerising throughout the journey.

Tourists walking towards Monastery

Royal garden of Bhutan has many species of rhododendron trees and is home for many different species of birds and wild animals. 108 chortens built on a hill top as memorial to soldiers.   There is a large stupa in the centre and three layers of different size of chortens encircle it.

Druk Wangyal Lhakang as seen from the memorial chortens

DrukWangyalLhakang, monastery was built as memorial to celebrate hundred years of monarchic rule.  Also to mark the anniversary of coronation of King JigmeKesarNamgyalWangchuk, Botanical Park is declared formally open in June 2008.


The view from here is amazing.  Surrounded by snow covered Himalayan peaks one feels like being in the clouds.  In fact clouds can be seen moving right in front, they can be seen covering the vegetation and occasional sunrays that passes through is the warm loving caress of Mother Nature.


On the way towards Punakha the tyre of our bus got punctured.  For a second everybody felt disturbed but once they got down the bus all were happy for an opportunity to walk along the lonely path amidst forest and mountains and take some photographs. This was an unexpected opportunity to try our skills of photographing landscapes and of our team members.



Further on the way to Punakha we could see areas of terrace farming.  Passing through Himalayan ranges, some snow covered, some with vegetation and along side of river, few houses seen on the hills and winding paths leading to villages on hills will always be blissful moments in life.


We reached Punakha in the evening; the Dzong (fortress) was getting closed.

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