One Morning in Chubachu – Thimphu

Can you see Buddha statue on the far away hill top? 

Next morning (24th)  weather was better.  There was no rain.  Clouds were there in the sky, but moving slowly allowing sun rays warm us. I took a walk around the hotel we put up.   I observed people going  about their chores in the morning.

As they get potable water via taps in the morning, they are filling up the tins and drums and if more is available washing faces too

Dressed in national dress going to school/college/work.  As seen world over everybody seems to carry a mobile in their hands.

Kids feeding the dogs/puppies before going to school


Graffiti on the buildings is common.  Dragons, snakes and flowers seen.  Picture of male genitals also seen on the walls to ward of evil eye


 Park on the bank of the river

There was a river nearby, Chubachu.  It was beautiful to be on the banks of the river in the early hours and soak in blessings of Nature.


The presence of chairs is inviting people to enjoy Nature.  It is fascinating to see that someone had put heap of stones balancing one on another in the middle of the river.


BhuTan 180
At one of the junction/ square in Thimphu











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