Another Evening in Thimphu

The gigantic statue of Buddha seen from far, far away.  We are told that a statue should not be taken from side or rear as we do for human portraits

In the evening we were taken to BBS tower and were explained how to do bracketing.  This is the first time I ever did it.  I wanted to know and learn it but I don’t know when I will utilise it.

Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan as seen from BBS tower.  It is a beautiful place to watch the sunset from here

At present I do not have any photo editing software like adobe or light room.  Anyway I got some good pictures and I am satisfied for now.

Another view of Thimphu city

That evening we had a review session.  Submitted best two of mine and got serious criticism.  Fine.DSC_0564_00008

I learnt few more principles to be kept in mind when shooting landscapes or portraits.

Lovely dove. Picturesque BBS tower is famous among lovers and is also known as ‘Lover’s Paradise’
BhuTan 174
At this scenic location surrounded by mountains people not only enjoy nature, but walk, jog, bike or exercise for good health
Spotted this man, it looked like he was walking for exercise

Drone photography is prohibited in this area.  Just watch the city, the nature, sunset and the sparkling city in night lights and take photographs of the same.


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