Festivity in Thimphu


We reached a monastery where special religious ceremony was taking place.  I came to know that a senior Llama is visiting the place for a discourse and bless the devotees.



As it is Sunday people have come in large numbers.  The queue was disciplined.  Women outnumbered men.  There were few makeshift shops to cater to the needs of devotees.

We were given an hour time to go round and have some portrait and street photography.  We both walked together forward towards the monastery.  We asked a policeman if we can enter the monastery outside of the queue.  We were allowed in.



We strolled clicking and watching people around us. I attempted monochrome here.



Inside, there was an area where there could have been discourse of Buddhist monks with senior Llama.


Opposite to that there was another colourful stage, inside were the deities and in front there were offerings of variety of fruits.


To a side was a huge tin with incense burning in it.  The smoke from it was covering the deities giving it all a mystic appearance.  It induces reverence towards nature and Gods and involuntarily makes us bow down.  I feel blessed to be there at that moment.  Knowing and understanding a different culture is part of travelling experience.


Time passed so quickly, and we had to rush to our bus.  The place was so wonderful some have returned after another 15 minutes.

We reached hotel and had sumptuous lunch.  Why I want to say sumptuous lunch is during travel most of the time we have breakfast without any hurry and adequately as we put up here the night before and the chefs have a count of us and prepare it well.  But we do not know where we can stop for lunch and whether that restaurant/hotel can provide us all 25-30 members lunch in a short time of an hour.  Most of the time we both preferred to have noodles for lunch.  They can be cooked fast.  We can have it hot without fear of catching up any infection and GI upset.  We can order something different like biryani or rice and vegetables but we do not know how long it will take to get prepared and if ever we like the taste of that regional cuisine.


In Bhutan non-veg that is commonly available is beef and pork. Everybody in our group refused to have it.  Chicken and fish  is preferred and that is provided.  Chicken pieces were firm and hard to chew so I preferred vegetables.  Fish pieces would get over the moment they are put on the table.  Lunch was good at hotel Thimphu.


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