Another Rainy day in Thimphu


The next morning when we started the weather appeared to be clear.  We all hoped to have a fabulous photography at the oldest monastery, Chang Gangkha and National zoo.  By the time we reached it started raining.  We all put on our ponchos and covering our cameras in polythene covers and holding tripods got down the bus.

I liked the colorful decoration of this horse

Chang Gangkha monastery is on top of hill and as it rained the night before we were advised better not climb as the path will be slippery.



We had to satisfy with the view of meadows with horses and monastery and huge prayer wheel at the foot of the hill.


We were also allowed of long exposure photography of river waters to get silky smooth water of the river.


As drizzling continued we all were extra-cautious in handling our cameras; few minutes before we heard that the youngest member in team had got his camera knocked out as water entered it.  Fortunately he was given a camera by team leader, Abhishek Singh.  This boy became nervous in the beginning but later continued clicking pictures.


There was a bridge across the river connecting it to the village from main road.  We all gathered at the bridge scattered on the bridge from one end to other and started taking portraits of villagers passing through.

Some were smiling and some expressed their dislike for photos by turning faces or having put a serious face.  I like to capture candid moments, but scared of capturing people looking straight into the camera; if I post those pictures they might raise objection.  For practice I did take some pictures.


Some of us wanted to have their photos on the bridge and I was glad to do it, as I can gladly share those pictures not only with them but also on my blogs.

Entering the zoo was skipped.  No one complained as it was raining.  All of us got into the buses.

Looking out whether we can get down and shoot in that rain.  Prayer flags are seen along all bridges and many other places on the way

Our mentors were bothered for they could not provide better opportunities of photography.  Even on the way back to hotel they were on the lookout for picturesque scenic landscapes.


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