Buddha Dordenma


We reached Buddha point where fabulous gigantic Shakyamuni Buddha statue of 52m situated on the ruins of Kuensel Phodrang, the palace of Sherab Wang Chuk, the 13th Desi Druk by evening.  The construction of this statue started in 2006 celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 4th king Jigme Singye Wangchuk was completed in September 2016.  It overlooks the south approach to Thimphu.  It is made of bronze and gilded in gold.  Here are over hundred thousand smaller, 8’’ and 12’’ similar Buddha statues.


It was cloudy and within a few minutes of our arrival at Buddha Dordenma it started to drizzle.  We could not have proper frontal view of Buddha as it was raining and we had to be cautious in taking out cameras though we had some polythene bags to cover them appropriately and shoot.  The tip of how to protect our cameras with polythene bags was given by Rohan Dhawan (there is short video on this by him) and bags also supplied to us.


We were told how to take long exposure photos and the suggestions for settings for the same.  I tried, I was satisfied with outcome as a beginner, but my Guru wasn’t.


Abhishek Singh is a very radical critic when it comes to photography, but is kind at heart.  At Buddha Dordenma, I was away from the group and was experimenting with different shutter speeds.  By the time I am out of my shelter I found only the mentors of WeChitra and another two members.  They too were packing their gear.  I walked towards steps to get into our vehicle down at the foot of the mountain.  When I came near steps and looked down, I was bit scared as it was dark, cloudy, raining and my  bifocal glasses covered with raindrops provided poor vision of steps.  I immediately went back and saw Abhishek Singh and told him I will go with him.  It was kind of him as we neared steps he took my hand and guided me down.  At that moment I felt, maybe, if I had a son he would have done the same then.  This care I will never forget.


We all got into our buses (we were travelling in two buses).  A few metres down, as rain stopped we too stopped on seeing the city sparkling in the night lights.  Now it is time for night photography and capturing Thimphu city in lights.  I was not prepared to move along the edge in the darkness.  I did not get any photo worth sharing.  So I turned my camera the other side and got this picture just for fun.


After that straight away we went to our hotel in Thimphu.   Everyone was tired and after meals all had retired into their rooms hoping that at least the next day, Sunday 23rd will have better weather.

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