Phuntsholing to Thimphu


As it is said that an hour before sunrise and sunset are golden hours for photography I got up early in the morning ready to go out.   Again the Nature was against me.  It was cloudy and raining.  I had to sit in the room and watch people going out with umbrellas.

I could go out just for few minutes walking under cover of building balconies to the nearby place of prayer wheel.  I took few photos of the prayer wheel, spanned it wishing for clear weather during the course of our journey.

Prayers are written on the wheel.  Holding and spinning the wheel is praying.  This is the way any one, illiterate and ignorant also pray God

We had breakfast and started by 9am towards Thimphu.   We were told that it would be a scenic journey and we can capture nice landscapes.

BhuTan 044
Driver covering the luggage as it was raining

Of course the journey was scenic with clouds hanging down from mountains on to trees, and visibility was just a couple of metres because of fog.

BhuTan 068


BhuTan 055

There would be occasional drizzle and sunrays would flicker for a short period as the clouds pass by.


BhuTan 087
This Hydropower project built on river Wang Chhu.  The power produced here is for sale to India


We stopped at Chukha project for a break and proceeded towards Thimphu having lunch on the way.

Fruits and yak cheese for sale
Dogs are commonly seen everywhere.  Stray as well as those kept as pets

Here at the restaurant there are shops selling fruits and yak cheese.  All of us had taken some photographs.

BhuTan 104
A bridge across the river.  At all bridges there will be prayer flags as seen here.

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