Freedom Trail, Boston

Freedom trailS 059_00014

I have gone for walk on Freedom Trail  Boston, MA, USA on 2nd of July. It is a 4 km trail covering sixteen sites of importance in liberation and formation of independent America in 1776.  The trail starts at Boston Commons and ends at Bunker Hill Monument.  As I have visited Boston Commons a month ago we (me and my daughter) started our trail from Bunker Hill Monument and covered all the sites reaching Boston Commons.  We walked, relaxing at parks and having snacks and drinking lot of water and fruit juices as it was very hot sunny day.  It took us six hours to complete the trail.

Here are few pictures I have taken during the course of walk.

Freedom trailS 014_00006

Freedom trailS 029_00008

Freedom trailS 036_00010

Freedom trailS 030_00009

Freedom trailS 025_00007

Freedom trailS 041_00011

Freedom trailS 051_00001



Freedom trailS 062








DSC_0701_00011Freedom trailS 076_00019

Freedom trailS 051_00001

Freedom trailS 057_00013

Freedom trailS 108







Flowers 129




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