In Himalayas

Here are few more photographs of Ladakh which I liked and want to share with you all. Some of the photographs are taken by my husband GS

The Journey:  The journey is adventurous.  Though restaurants or restrooms are not available easily the long the journeys are not tiresome as the view is scenic and makes one forget everything else.

Ladakh-S 021

Ladakh-K 041

Sukumar's photography 090

Ladakh-S 041
At this point I was really scared.  Later just trusted the driver and Almighty and relaxed


Ladakh-K 042

Sukumar's photography 361


Khardungla pas:


Hunder sand dunes: PC – G.S

Sukumar's photography 163

School in Nubra valley:   The school building photographs are taken by my husband G.S

Sukumar's photography 126

Sukumar's photography 127

Sukumar's photography 152053043065

Turtuk village:  The photo below is taken by G.S.  I have put it here to show how modernism is catching and multi-floored concrete buildings are coming up in the remote villages in Himalayas.

Sukumar's photography 247Sukumar's photography 242123119137146

Few pictures at Diskit Hotel:


For the first time I have seen apple tree


Cabbage and potato curries are served everywhere.  Those two vegetables seem to be easily available

Maitreya Buddha: A different view – G.S

Sukumar's photography 277

Pangong Tso:

Ladakh-S 126196Ladakh-S 130

Some beautiful landscapes and wild life:298 (2)310781


Here is one of the photographer, Aman Wilson.  He had gone so close making friendly noises towards horses.  Don’t know what he photographed, the mouth or teeth or grass in the mouth of horses!

Tsomoriri, Karjok:

Ladakh-S 190Ladakh-S 191Ladakh-S 172

Some reflections:

Ladakh-S 140Ladakh-S 132262266465287

Village life, Karjok:


Majestic Mountains: They are not only formidable, nature made them into wonderful art presentations.  The multiple colors and natural engravings are a treat to eyes.

574Ladakh-S 104Ladakh-S 087Ladakh-S 098Ladakh-S 094Ladakh-S 120Ladakh-S 093Ladakh-S 090

Few more on the way:

Ladakh-S 077_01
Prayer wheel
Here we had lunch – noodles, even chapati with omlette also available

Sukumar's photography 465

A memorial


Sukumar's photography 299
This is the only one of its kind I have seen on the way

This is the last in the series of my posts of my Ladakh visit.  Thank you for all visiting my blog and liking it.

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