Ladakh, Land of Picturesque passes – 9

Early morning even before the sun is seen in the sky, activity starts in the village

The next morning (2nd October) by the time I was awake, it was 6AM.   I looked out through the window.  It was twilight, photographers golden hour!  I wanted to click few photos.  With the settings I had in the beginning, after clicking, on review I couldn’t see anything other than black.

Women shepherds seen, they seem to distribute the work of taking the herds for grazing in the mountains
A tractor carrying a flour mill seen coming into the village
Grand view of Tsomoriri seen in the early hours of the day. It is a sweet water lake at an altitude of 4,522M.  Lake is fed by springs and melted snow from neighbouring mountains.  Innerline permit is required for Indians and foreigners are not allowed.

I tried different ISO, exposures and shutter speeds finally to get few images of morning movements in that village and Tsomoriri lake far beyond.  After that we had breakfast and some of us went round the village to have some portraits and street photographs.  Some walked towards the lake and had taken pictures of lake in front and the village on the opposite side.  It was a wonderful experience.

Women whatever work they are doing they take the additional responsibility of taking care of the todlers.
Mobile mill in the village.  Villagers have come with bags of grains for milling
The colorful flag with Yak’s hair in the centre of the village
Ladakh-S 191
Panorama of Karjok village

By 11AM we packed up and again moved towards Leh.  On the way we stopped at Tsokar Lake, a beautiful meadow with wild horses and when a marmot was spotted.

Marmot, the wild rodent in Himalayas.  Fortunate to have a glimpse of it.

When we were along the lake side we once again took the pictures of serene landscapes with majestic mountains, lakes and the reflections.

One more picture of landscape, reflection
Wild horses in the meadows of Tsokar.
Wild horses enjoying a leisurely life

Finally we reached our hotel in Leh around 8PM.  Had very refreshing bath after a week (at other places we had to just fresh up or have a very quick bath due to scarcity of hot water) and had sumptuous dinner.

Last picture of the trip returning to hotel in Leh on 2nd Oct. night

Our flight was at about 7AM on 3rd October.  We got up by 5AM in the morning brushed had coffee and light breakfast.  A vehicle arranged by Nikon School dropped us at airport.


This journey, Landscape photography workshop will be most memorable, pleasurable, adventurous learning event in my life.  The care and cordiality showered on us by Shri Abhishek Singh, Shri Aman Wilson, Shri Rohit and Shri Satyanarayanan is unforgettable.  The Sera Hotel Owner Shri Namgial’s arrangements and dealing with local people for easy and quick permissions as and when required are quite commendable.

Overall I feel Nikon School workshop at Ladakh is a most wonderful experience which I will cherish all my life.


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