Ladakh, Land of Picturesque passes – 8

Early morning view of houses on the banks of Pangong Tso

Next day morning, first of October, I got up early and moved out to capture sunrise shots.  There were few houses, probably related to military or locals to cater to the tourists.  There was a dog in one of those houses which went on barking non-stop.  That stopped me venturing forwards towards the lake.

Golden rays making the stones appear precious

Pangong Tso is high grass land lake at a height of 4350M and 134 KM long.  It borders India and China, 60% being in China.  It freezes in winter and has low micro vegetation.

Morning flight of gulls.  I never thought I will see any birds.  There presence was unexpected.

There aren’t any fish or aquatic life only gulls and ducks are seen.  The wild life that is seen around in this area is Kiang- wild asses, and marmot.

All along the Pangong Tso we can capture amazing reflections in still water


Our team of drivers with tour guide, Shri. Namgyal in the centre. The drivers, young energetic and friendly always laughing and smiling.  Namgyal being a local man made our trip hassle free and pleasant.  Where ever internal permissions were required he would talk and get the formalities finished quickly.

After having breakfast, we moved along the banks of Pangong Tso and captured some beautiful landscape pictures.  The reflections of mountains in the water were awesome.   We were lucky to spot few black necked cranes on the way to Tsomoriri.

Wild asses, Kiang the wild animal in Ladakh

On the way where nature presented in its utmost beautiful colors we did take some photographs.


Black necked cranes seen wild in Ladakh

It was a long journey; we had touched just one village at about 2PM.  Everybody was hungry.  The hotel was a roadside shop which generally sells tea and snacks.  On request they could provide us instant cooked noodles, right in front of us keeping us waiting.  Even the bowls were few.  After one batch had they were washed and another batch was served.  Some of us wanted to have tea also.  For that we had to wait for another half-an-hour.  People who disliked grumbled that we are getting unnecessarily delayed.  Anyway by 3.30PM we resumed our trip towards Tsomoriri.

Ladakh-S 133
Crystal clear waters.  People in Ladakh are conscious of keeping their environment clean.  They never through waste anywhere around.  If any traveler throws any wrappers the drivers immediately pickup, keep in their pockets and carry to dispose of appropriately.

As it was getting dark we were bit worried for we may get stranded amidst mountains in the cold weather.  Finally by the time we reached Tsomoriri it was past 10PM.  I don’t remember what we had for supper.    There was no power supply.  It was pitch dark.  We all just marched into our allotted rooms in mobile light and fell asleep on our bed.

The only roadside shop seen in our journey,  from Pangong Tso to Tsomoriri – Karjok, almost nine hours journey. The drivers wanted to buy something.  Sitting in the car, I have taken this photo
The evening rays of Sun striking the snow covered mountains give them a golden glow
Ladakh-S 127
The lonely gull enjoying serenity in the vast waters of Pangong Tso

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