Ladakh, Land of Picturesque passes – 7

On the way,  reflections in still water

On 30th morning we had to pack early for a long distance travel to Pangong Tso Lake and visit Diskit Monastery on the way.

Diskit, view of village in the valley

Diskit monastery, founded in the 14th century by Chang Zem Tserab Zangpo.  This is situated on a hill top on banks of Shyok River.  Nubra River, a tributary of Shyok River makes Diskit ‘Orchard of Ladakh’.  The mild climate and lower altitude accords lush green vegetation and makes it most inhabited city in Ladakh.  This region is home of double humped camels.  I saw them from far away in meadows while travelling.  Couldn’t capture them, as by the time I spotted them they just passed away from my view.

Majestic Maitreya Buddha

In Diskit is large statue of Jampa (Maitreya) Buddha on top of a hill.  It is a beautiful huge statue of 32M (106ft), facing towards Pakistan.  The statue’s construction started in April 2006 and consecrated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 25th of July in the year 2010.  The idea is to protect Diskit village, prevent any further wars with Pakistan and promote peace.

The colorful footrest of Maitreya Buddha.  Different colors flags tied, a request for a wish to be fulfilled?
Diskit Monastery on the Hill

In Ladakh at most places, at Gompas we find colourful flags, sometimes prayers written on them  I noticed that the colors are red, green, yellow, white and purple.  These are the colors we see in the Olympic logo of five encircling rings.  These flags add color to the rocky, sandy areas with least vegetation and give beauty to the place, soothing eyes.

Ladakh-K 011
On the way to Pangong Tso. Nubra valley


Landscapes on the way to Pangong Tso


On the way to Pangong Tso Lake we could capture beautiful landscapes with still waters and reflections of mountains in it.

First view of Pangong Tso Lake amidst mountains


Pangong Tso.  We see such stone sculptures along the banks of lake.  Make a wish and make the stones balanced.  Gods living in Himalayas will fulfill your wishes!

When we reached Pangong Tso, it was dark.  As we were informed, that power supply will be there only for a short time, we all had quick supper.  Meanwhile some enthusiastic photographers ventured out and took photos of Milky Way.  As it was dark and cold I decided to not to venture out.  But with encouragement from young enthusiastic lady photographer, I made attempt to capture night skies in Ladakh at Pangong Tso.

The night skies.  They are far more beautiful in photograph than seen with naked eye.  The slow shutter speed catches all the activity and gives amazing view of the sky


Star bursts?

Aman Wilson one of the mentors helped me with settings.  I treasure those pictures.  I don’t know if ever I will take such night sky photos in future.


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