Ladakh, Land of Picturesque Passes – 6

A woman working in the fields.  Her children seen with her and the elder ones trying to help her

On 29th morning we started by 9AM to Turtuk.  This is a village in the northern most part of India along the borders of Pakistan.  This village with predominant Muslim population was under the control of Pakistan until 1971.  This is opened to tourists in 2009.  This village is the last outpost in India.

Elderly man at his home.  He along with his wife looked at us through their window. His wife disappeared in few seconds.  But this man did not mind us having few clicks

The people here are happy to be in India.  They are friendly.  They are used to get photographed by tourists and journalists.  Women generally refuse to be photographed, kids are happy and some don’t mind posing.

As it was lunch time kids were seen playing in the ground.  They were friendly talked to us freely
Many of us had few pictures of this girl.  As we were walking along the narrow alleys we saw this kid watching us curiously.  So sweet and cute little girl
Another street photo as the girl standing in the corner of street and watching us move with our cameras

We had our lunch and took some portrait, street and landscape photographs.  Mentors were there to guide and give tips.

Our model wanted to take a few photographs of her.  As she was posing for somebody I took this picture
I found this interesting.  This is the only antenna I have seen in the village.  May be they do not want any evil eye to damage it.  So here are chillies hanged to ward off evil eye! (?)

As the camera, NikonD7200 was purchased in the first week of September I had tough time in knowing its functions and shooting.  But I enjoyed being in Turtuk, a beautiful village along Shyok river and part of Shyok valley.

Ladakh-S 112
Beautiful landscape of Shyok river with greeneray along its bank
Trying to take pictures of Shyok river

Before starting to the village we were told we will visit the last outpost on Indian border, but that was cancelled due to tense situation prevailing at that time.  So we returned back to Diskit early and had photography review session. We were given suggestions how to improve our photography skills.

A view at one of the fields

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