Ladakh, Land of Picturesque passes – 5


By the sunset time we reached a beautiful location with a lake, sand dunes and with mountains surrounding it, and few scattered houses far away.  Our team leader thought it is the right time and place for nature and model shoots.

Our beautiful model, Ms. Manthri.  Even in cold weather she was ready to pose as long as we requested.

They gave us few tips and assigned us to take few photographs of our choice which they will review later in the evening.

Model was climbing up the sand dune and getting ready to pose.  The twilight was casting awesome golden rays on her.  Trainers are getting ready with their tripods and camera settings

Around thirty members, we were a huge gathering, but distributed either singly or in groups of two to three depending on interests and partners.

Shooting setting is being arranged by the team leaders.  I was far away watching their activity amidst mountains
I was assigned to take a picture in this area with bench in the foreground.  I had to take few pictures to get better exposure. Finally could manage this.


People interested in model shoot were shown how to use daylight, flash and reflector.  As a beginner, interested in nature and wild life photography, I walked away trying to take some landscape photos.

By the time we winded up here it was almost dark and we reached our night halt hotel very late in the night.

Sunset colors were beautiful and the reflections were awesome


We reached our hotel in Diskit late in the night.  All of us were tired and had their supper and retired to bed.  We were informed that there will not be any power after 11Pm.  We were told that whenever we reach hotel we should first charge our camera batteries not to have problem later in day while on photographing spree.

Our beautiful model had lot of patience in giving different poses.  I found her too thin, and she suffered altitude sickness.

In most places in Ladakh, solar power is used.  There will not be any power any time after 10PM.  By this time we have to finish our meals and retire to bed.  The next day when we were in Diskit we had power supply till 11.30 Pm.  That is the only day we could have review of some of our photographs.  Each one was asked to submit their best two photographs that were taken in raw.  Those were reviewed and told how that could become a better photograph.


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