Ladakh, Land of Picturesque passes – 4

Here is a beautiful landscape with river tributary, the yaks grazing carelessly around.  The moment vehicle stopped our enthusiastic budding photographers jumped out and ran with their cameras

The journey is downwards, toward lower altitude. The road from Khardung La pas to Nubra valley is well maintained.  It runs along the Shyok River.

As seen from the vehicle.   The people who are working in this region to build roads are not just doing their job for livelihood, but are doing great service to the nation.

The roads in border areas are maintained by Border road organisation.  They are doing great job laying roads and maintaining them in most difficult terrain and weather along the borders of our nation, India.  Though roads are good we rarely see any life along the road side.

Working in cold or sun is a difficult task in this region.  People mostly talk about low temperatures.  But when sun shines, though temperature are low the heat is piercing. Being fully clothed due to low temperatures but getting exposed to sun rays falling on through wind shield or side windows may cause sickness.  I felt symptoms of heat stroke.  I had to remove my woollen clothing, head cover and drink lot of water to overcome it.  We often covered the windows with some dupatta or towel.  When it is sunny and you are on journey in this area drink lots of water.
The roads at some places are not well laid or covered with rocks that fall down from the mountains.  From far away it looks like there is no road.  But the local drivers can easily find a path to move on by watching the markings of vehicles

In our journey from Leh to Ladakh crossing Nubra valley, Diskit, and Pangong Tso, Tsomoriri lake, Tsokar and back to Leh via Tanglangla pas, we  occasionally saw two vehicles moving, occasionally a heavy military vehicle or a group of  bikers.

Bikers seen in groups.  Biking is adventurous and once in life time experience on these roads. But the rush of adrenaline and endorphins may make them visit again and again
A house seen on the roadside at Khardung village.  The colorful flags seen every where convey message of peaceful coexistence

The villages we could see were Khardung, Turtuk, Karjok and another village.  Villages here have no more than 100-150 houses.  Even these were scattered.

A village seen at a distance at the foot of a hill above a hill.  The snow that melts down may supply water for the greenery that is present and sustains people and animals living there

Beyond Leh there is no net connectivity, no mobile signals.  At some places if we are fortunate, may have BSNL signals.  That is the only time we can communicate with our people at home.  We could communicate only once in eight days of our stay in Ladakh tour.

The gigantic mountains sometimes are colorful and appear like magnificent art of nature
The school we visited in Nubra

Our journey through Nubra valley along the Shyok river is picturesque, but we could not stop.  We visited a school in Nubra valley.

Innocent kids happily pose for a picture
Kids seriously watching their video taken by Nikon school

The staff and children were friendly.  Kids were cute and we had taken few portrait pictures here.  The time we spent with kids was fun.  Kids also enjoyed the video taken here previously by Nikon people.  They were engrossed watching themselves in that video and were overjoyed.  Watching their expressions was great pleasure.

Children were happy to watch themselves and their school on TV screen


When I asked this cute little girl was ready to pose for me.  I was so excited that I did not bother much about the background, took the girl little aside and clicked.


Mentor Abhishek Singh with Kids.  They all seem to be happy with as they have seen and acted with him in Ladakh Video
Lovely Kids bidding us good-bye
Stupas seen on the way to Diskit in Nubra valley


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