Ladakh, Land of Picturesque passes – 2

First photo with NikonD7200 at Class room workshop

The mentors’ team was good and helpful.  There were four of them.  They were all friendly, helpful and enthusiastic in teaching the techniques of photography.  I did grasp few points and understood how manual settings in photography can help towards becoming a better photographer.

With Kodak easy share, first digital camera gifted by my daughter.  Nubra valley is beautiful, though little vegetation it is colorful with reflections of it and mountains in the river running across

That evening we had class briefing about landscape photography principles and techniques. They insisted on taking photographs in raw and manual mode and explained the advantages for the same.  I felt disheartened as I was just a novice and to attend this workshop I bought a new camera NikonD7200.  I was practicing different auto modes and happy shooting in JPEG with NikonD5200 for the past six month.  Previously it was just a point and shoot digital cameras.  As I was interested in improving my photography skills one day or other I had to learn shooting in raw and manual mode, so why not now I thought.  But it wasn’t easy for me.  So I took photographs with digital camera while travelling in vehicle or when I thought I should have at least one nice photograph of the place or when I wanted to take a panorama.  At the place of assignment I tried to take mostly with DSLR in raw and jpeg.

With Samsung galaxy, while on travel in the vehicle.  Ladakh is a cold desert.  Huge trees are not seen.  Only some shrubs here and there.  These tiny little shrubs make the place scenic with snow covered mountains standing tall, touching sky

After that class, there was health check-up by local physician testing our fitness to travel further – to Khardung La pas, the highest motorable road in the world.  Our team leader Abhishek Singhji told us if the doctor declares us unfit, we have to stay back in the hotel room and enjoy sight-seeing in Leh.  That increased my blood pressure.  To keep it down I sat meditating before I was called for check-up.   Once the doctor declared that myself and my other half also fit for high altitude travel I was very much relieved.

With Kodak easy share at hotel in Diskit

After supper, again absolute rest was advised and to have quick bath in the morning.  First time in my life I had to take bath alternate days and understood how one should adjust to circumstances and move happily forward while travelling in areas where there is no net connectivity other than speaking directly and personally.  Just living the moment and enjoying the present is well experienced in this trip.

Taken with Samsung galaxy while on drive.  Ladakh is thinly populated.   We see little life even in and around water bodies.

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