Boston Museums

_1_03Every place and people would like to preserve and exhibit their culture and art to the world.  For this purpose museums are established.  Any city of some name will definitely have a museum or two.  The institution of museum will collect and care for the artefacts and various other objects of history, culture, art and of scientific importance.  Museums can and will be established by a single person or group of persons or government institutions.  The articles preserved could be permanent or may be rotated between different museums for the benefit of the people.

Boston, MA in USA also has good number of museums.  I could visit just three:  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Foog Harvard Art Museum and Harvard Museum of Natural History.  The visit to these museums was a great learning experience.


Museum of Fine Arts (mfa), Boston is the 4th largest museum in USA with more than 450,000 exhibits.  This, founded in 1870 and opened to public in 1876, is visited by more than a million visitors every year.  The collection of articles is from different parts of the world belonging to ancient period to present day.  They include variety of articles like sculptures, paintings, photographs, jewellery and many more.  Just to look around will take a day and study any specific artist or subject needs days depending on the interest of the person.  A free guided tour which takes an hour and half to two will provide insight into the important exhibits in the Museum.





Foog Harvard Art Museum is the one of the three museums of Harvard University and is the oldest, opened in 1896, situated in Cambridge.  Here also we find collections from different parts of the world and periods from antiquity to present day.





Harvard Museum of Natural History is the face of three research museums of Harvard University – Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard Mineralogical and Geological Museum and Harvard University of Herbaria.  The Natural History Museum presents life on earth from past to present in different stages.  The exhibits include dinosaurs, fossils of invertebrates and reptiles.  The mineralogical gallery leaves one in awe with its exhibits of huge mineral rocks and meteorites.  The sea creatures and plants in glass are marvellous.



All the three museums I have seen are wonderful and provide knowledge of past and present life, art and culture of people around the world.


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