Taza Chocolate


When I was in Boston, one day my daughter said that she will take me to a chocolate factory tour.  Both of us like chocolates a lot.  I was very excited remembering a movie named ‘Chocolate Factory’ a long time ago.  I remembered chocolatescapes in the movie and had a secret desire to see such chocolate laden scenes.  My common sense reminded me that I was going to see a true factory that manufactures chocolates and not a fantasy movie.  I hoped, at least I can have a hot chocolate drink.


It was Sunday.  The tour to Taza chocolate factory was booked and ours was the last batch.  We were there at Somerville a few minutes before our tour started.  Another batch was leaving just then.  The tour guide was a young enthusiastic man who first introduced himself and later explained about how the founders have started the factory.  He told us how the cocoa is procured directly from farmers benefitting all involved in this factory business.  He took us around the factory after covering our heads with caps as not to expose hair, and those having beard also should cover it.  The tour took little more than an hour.

Cacao pods










Chocolate ready for packing

As it was Sunday we could only see the machinery and products in different stages of manufacturing.  In our tour we did taste different variety of chocolate.  That is all raw and of original taste.  It wasn’t as sweet as the refined and sugary brands that we generally eat.  The tour was informative.  At the end of the tour visitors could buy chocolate at concessional rates.

Stone grinder



There are books to know about cacao and chocolate history and making of variety of chocolates

My daughter too bought some chocolate.  As I could not get hot chocolate drink she made one after coming home.  We together enjoyed hot chocolate drink on that cold night.



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