MIT and Harvard University

_1_01                    Old building of Cambridge Public Library

A months ago when I am at Boston, MA, I was living in Cambridge just adjacent to Harvard Yard.  Within five minutes walk I would be in Harvard Campus.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology was about twenty minutes drive away.  I enjoyed roaming in these two campuses.  These two institutes are world’s most prestigious institutes.  MIT is for Science and Technology and Harvard for Arts and science.  Harvard is the oldest of institute of higher learning in USA, formed in 1636.  Both the institutes are associated with research and scientific developments and many Nobel laureates and eminent personalities in science and arts fields are alumni or associated with these institutes.

In MIT there will be free guided tour everyday by a student of the institute, Harvard tour is for a fee. I opted for free tour at MIT and also made a trip alone.  At Harvard yard I just walked alone leisurely looking at the buildings and appreciating the architecture and maintenance of the large campus.

Here are few pictures of MIT and Harvard and Cambridge

Harvard University – Harvard Yard, has many entrances and magnificent buildings

Visitors and students of this University will be seen taking pictures or selfies singly or in groups at the statue o John Harvard

The church on the left is memorial church


Harvard library is the world’s largest academic and private library


MIT though founded in 1861 had established in Cambridge in 1916.  2016 is its centenary year


The famous dome of MIT

Once a hack was done.  Overnight a car was planted that was going round the dome.  As it could not be removed by the hackers within a stipulated time, police had to bring it down.  This is kept as exhibit in one of the buildings.

Hacking is not computor hacking.  MIT hacks are intelligent and humorous.  The rules are seen here.  The car that circled the dome


This art piece of human sitting has all the digits and scientific symbols, exhibit of centenary celebrations

Buildings in MIT have names but mostly called by their number.  A new construction, Nano building is in progress


A class room
A Church in Cambridge

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