New England Aquarium


Boston, the educational hub on the banks of river Charles is the seat of world premier institutes Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.  There are many museums, Zoos and other places of tourist interests.  The most important place that should be in must visit list is New England Aquarium.


New England Aquarium is a wonderful place with few hundred species of marine life.  The central giant circular tank with spiral ramp allows the viewers to see the actively moving marine life all along the perimeter inside the tank.  The tank is open at the top.  One can as well look down from above and enjoy the beauty of corals and reefs and life moving around them, the sea turtles and different type of fish.

Before entering the aquarium, the huge tanks outside has in it sea lions which will be actively moving in water.  On entering the aquarium there is touch tank with variety of ray fish and star fish.  Visitors are allowed to touch them and feel them.  There is a square tank, where the bottom of circular tank rest.  In this there are few artificially created rock islands and has a good number of different species of penguins.

The aquarium also has seals which are trained.  The seal show shows the seals interacting with their trainer, kissing, waving and saying ‘hello’.

The aquarium has staff to feed the penguins.  The animals in the tank are fed by the divers.

Outside the aquarium is the Boston harbour which has a cruise for whale watch.

In Boston New England Aquarium is place that must not be missed.  One full day is not sufficient to watch the fish, turtles, penguins and seal show. The actively moving colourful marine life is mesmerising. Time just flies off.  I enjoyed every moment in the aquarium and wondered at the beautiful creations.  It is worth visiting more than once.  It will be enjoyable learning experience.




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