Squirrels are small to medium sized rodents of different size varying from 7cm to 73 cm and weight from 10 Gm to 8 Kg.  They live in different habitats avoiding extreme cold and driest regions.  They are indigenous to most parts of the world continents.

Boston-16 060

Squirrels have slender bodies with bushy tails.  They are mostly herbivorous and extreme conditions can also eat insects, small birds and small snakes and rodents to survive.  There are more than 200 species of squirrels and color may vary between different species, often within the species.

Jan 2016 - Hyd 051

Indian squirrel has three lines on its back and mythological story is attached to it  (here)

Boston-16 078

The squirrels I have seen in Boston are plain brown colored with the tail that is bushier than that of Indian squirrel.  I haven’t seen Indian squirrel generally covering its back with its tail unlike the one in Boston.  Maybe, the bushy tail adds to its protection from cold weather.

It is always fascinating me for to watch a squirrel holding and eating a nut gluttonously.


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