View Through Window

Dubai International Airport


Dubai in the morning fog

Long journeys particularly by flight are boring.  Maybe, for busy people who are international business men or politicians of high profile it could be resting and relaxing time!  For commoners traveling in economy class,I remember an arrogant Indian minister calling cattle class; it will be difficult to sit in compact area which will cause intense tiredness.   Traveling with a family members/s or close friend/s may make the journey a bit pleasant.  Traveling alone is really awful.  There will not be much to watch around as we travel on ground.  People also are reluctant to talk.  On flight people generally spend time watching movies or other interesting shows on the mini TV in front, reading a book, work on laptop or the commonest thing that is done is sleep.

As seats were vacant I could sleep comfortably through entire journey on that particular flight

In every flight at the beginning of the journey one of the crew members demonstrate how to put on a life jacket, show the emergency exits and how to help self and others in case oxygen is reduced in the plane.  Except for using oxygen masks for sick persons, I doubt, did any time people have escaped through the emergency exit or wore life jacket as the plane went crashing down on earth or diving into water. This demonstration will make everyone on board to pray for safe journey.  Often we hear of plane crashes and disappearances, never was there history of the crew helping passengers to escape via emergency doors.  Maybe, there was little time for the crew to notice and act and react to the rapid turn of events that result in the crash.  Anyway knowing things is always better.

Snow covered mountains
I think it is frozen water body
Evening Sun

Like many people I too spend time either watching TV or sleeping.  My favourite pastime is looking through the glass and watching clouds, hoping to find fairies and angels or aliens.  At the same time if land and water is seen I try to imagine how it will be there down on earth.  The flight view of cities either during day or night will be awesome.

Dubai airport – runway

Boston-16 003

Dubai airport seen in night lights
Dubai City in night lights


Wing of the plane
Boston harbor


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