One morning, When I came out into the balcony of my home, I saw this girl in the open plot beside my house searching for thrown out articles.  This plot shares its boundary with six houses around with main road on its east.  Here, wild plants grow, often covered with grass which is grazed by goats and sheep brought in by a shepherd who lives in a nearby village.  People around throw biodegradable and some times non-biodegradable items into this area.  Rag pickers, mostly girls come in twos or more number as a group.  They move within close range individually withing the locality.  They usually come in the mornings or late afternoons.

Rag picker_20160310_080601

I saw this girl alone searching for articles useful to sell to scrap buyer for her livelihood and shouldering partial financial burdens of the family.  The girl looked cute and I took a photograph.  As a routine while she was rummaging through the trash or had an instinct that someone was watching her, she looked around and above towards our balcony.  She couldn’t see me.  Looking around once again she picked few things and walked out of the area.

Rag picker_20160310_080737

This girls face looks fresh and innocent.  The application of red ‘kumkum’dot below the regular sticker dot indicates that she had finished her morning prayer.  I pray Almighty for this child to have enjoyable and happy childhood and bright future.

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