Sammakka Jatara – Tribal Fair

Sammakka Jatara is the largest tribal fair held in Medaram village of Warangal district in India.  This is held once in two years in the month of February.  As per Telugu Calendar it is held in the month of Magham.  The tribal deity Sammakka is brought onto the pedestal on pournami – full moon day.  A day before her daughter Sarakka and husband Pagididda Raju brought onto their respective pedestal.  All will stay for two days, full moon day and the next day.  Later they are back into the forest. You can read more about this traditional ritual and details of Jatara  here 

Sammakka 2016 044

This year the Jatara is being held from 17th to 20th February.  As there will be heavy rush on these days I visited Medaram on 24th of January.

Sammakka 2016 081

Sammakka 2016 087

The main offering to the goddess is gold – jaggery.

Sammakka 2016 108

People offer it in small quantity as much as 100gms to in kilograms equivalent to their weight.

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How much ever they offer it is precious to take the gold that is offered by others to home is and blessing from Mother.

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Requesting for gold

So everyone however rich they might be, after offering what they brought will request the persons in-charge of activity at pedestal to give them the gold.

Sammakka 2016 047
Tribals attending Jatara
Sammakka 2016 063
Decorated sacrificial goat
Sammakka 2016 130
Tribal with his herbs.  Predicts future, offers remedies for various problems
Sammakka 2016 135
Temporary shops sellings trinkets and toys

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