Plain Tiger

Kotagullu 162
“When basking in sun fully spreads its wings so that the wings are fully exposed to sun rays”

This butterfly also known as African Monarch is widely distributed in Asia and Africa.  It is one of the first butterflies to be used in art; seen in 3500 years old Egyptian painting.

Like many other brightly colored butterflies is inedible.  If an inexperienced predator attacks it fakes death and oozes nauseating liquid that smells and tastes so bad as to induce vomiting in the predator.  The predator releases the butterfly that recovers miraculously.  The predator learning its lesson will never attack some other species of edible butterflies which mimic the flight and colorful appearance of unpalatable butteflies.  This mimicry is called “Batesian mimicry”.

Kotagullu 156
“The female perches on the upperside of and curling its abdomen around the edge lays eggs on the underside of leaf.  Lays only one egg per leaf to avoid overcrowding of caterpillars”


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