Lemon Pansy

Lemon Pansy Butterflies 014

  • This dull brown butterfly with dark brown and lemon yellow markings has multiple eye spots on its wings. The wings have wavy edges lined with dark brown wavy lines. The central part of eye spots is dark bluish-black and light bluish circular area surrounded by orange-yellow ring which in turn is encircled with dark brown ring. The under side of the wings is dull colored with many wavy lines.
  • 20150829_120638When weather is just warm with shining sun, this butterfly opens its wings and basks savouring nectar from flowers. Of more than fifteen types of butterflies I observed Lemon Pansy and Tawny Coster are the two types of butterflies which spread their wings for more than a minute and we can take many pictures by maintaining a undisturbing distance.
  •  20150829_120742
  • The markings on this butterfly are vivid in wet season and pale in dry season.  This helps it camouflage in the dried litter.
  • This butterfly known as Junonia lemonias in scientific jargon is commonly seen in South Asia

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