Lemon Pansy

This dull brown butterfly with dark brown and lemon yellow markings has multiple eye spots on its wings. The wings have wavy edges lined with dark brown wavy lines. The central part of eye spots is dark bluish-black and light bluish circular area surrounded by orange-yellow ring which in turn is encircled with dark brown ring. The under side of the wings is dull colored with many wavy lines. When weather is just warm with shining sun, this butterfly opens its wings and basks savouring nectar from flowers. Of more than fifteen types of butterflies I observed Lemon Pansy and … Continue reading Lemon Pansy

Crimson red/rose

Scientifically known as Pachliopta hector, Crimson rose is a beautiful brightly colored butterfly with black wings and crimson red spots on the hind wings. There are prominent white bands on the forewings.  Its body is red and the upperpart of male body is black.  The bright colors and pattern indicates its predators that it is inedible due to the poisons it has ingested as larva from the host plant.  As it is inedible it is not afraid of predators and flies slowly.  I like the way it glides in air. It is fond of Lantana camara flowers, basks on it … Continue reading Crimson red/rose