Butterflies are beautiful and colorful creatures. The beauty of butterflies ignited my passion for nature photography. There are thousands of species of butterflies each with a specific name. On net search I found similar looking butterflies having different names in different places. This season I have taken a number of butterfly photos and searched for similar ones to know their names. I could find names of many of them. I shall post few of these pictures every week.  All these butterflies were seen around my home Continue reading Butterflies

One step

Hi. This is my first post here. A decade ago I was cilliterate. To communicate with my beloved daughter I learnt to email. For the same reason and also to share my thoughts with others I wanted to blog. My first blog site is http://ranionlinecom.blogspot.com. As I learnt more about blogging I started another blog Mysticshiva@blogspot.com. As these blogs had very little traffic I started another blog on Indian site – Bigadda. I was regular at this site. But somehow that was deleted suddenly without information. I was very upset. That is when I decided to have my own domain. … Continue reading One step